The main objective behind the AFF is that the host family should introduce their culture, lifestyle and make the guests well acquainted with our traditions, food habits and thus crossing beyond the boundaries of friendship and to be like one extended family.

About us

In 1967 the first group of nearly 110 French people visited India from different age groups and both sexes. The host families from Pune whole heartedly welcomed these guests who came in such big number and that too for the first time.


The main basic aim of AFF is not just tourism, but it is based on certain beliefs about trying to know France as a country in its various perspectives. And if one really wants to know any place then one has to understand its culture. Any culture is quite complex, very profound, deep, rich and layered and has scope of various interpretations .​


French Guest Visit to pune- 9th to 17th August 2016


We had and have a definite criteria for selection of our AFF members who would be sent to France and is been done by our efficient Core Committee Members. Money-minded people who look upon AFF as a  means of cheap tourism with free accommodation are strictly not entertained.